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STEM  has brought about a revolution in modern science and culture. A STEM education endows students with cognitive processing skills to address a wide range of problems and to search for their solutions.

STEM education requires the acquisition of new talents and skills on the part of educators. It also requires a new way of thinking about learning. BrainSTEM is all about how to do just that. Over a series of four sessions, we will walk you through how to create a STEM program in your school beginning with understanding the human brain and how this translates directly to successful STEM lessons. Through our journey,  you’ll have the opportunity to put each Session’s information into practice in your own classroom or school.

Thanks for joining us… this will be fun!

Contact us at: dob@lablearner.com

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  • Dr. Keith Verner

    Dr. Keith Verner

  • Dr. Keith Verner

    Dr. Verner is a scientist and educator. He is the creator of the LabLearner science education system and founder of Cognitive Learning Systems. He is the author of numerous scientific papers and books and a speaker for science, thinking and education. Dr. Verner loves science and children. He lives with his family in Pennsylvania.
  • Dr. Christine Jurasinski

    Dr. Christine Jurasinski

  • Dr. Christine Jurasinski

    Dr. Jurasinski is a Distinguished Staff Scientist with Cognitive Learning Systems. Over the last two decades, she has worked extensively on the development of the LabLearner program and in teacher professional development. She has taught medical students, undergraduates, and preK-12 educators at various institutions including the Pennsylvania State College of Medicine and George Mason University. A mother of triplets, Dr. J’s passions are children, science, and all things Disney.
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